Laugfs not the winner of the Best Representative Stall

Laugfs Holdings was announced as the winner of the "Best Stall Representation" in the 2017 EDEX Job Fair held at BMICH recently. Participating for the third consecutive year, Laugfs Holdings emerged as the winner among many large organizations that participated in the EDEX Job Fair. EDEX Expo Exhibition for Education and Fair Employment is the largest in Sri Lanka for education and career plus exhibition conducted by the Royal College of the Union (RCU), in collaboration with the Government of Sri Lanka. Bringing value to both students and parents, the exhibition takes place twice a year, is in line with the government's vision for the youth of our nation. Laugfs Holdings started the position with the intention of creating notoriety and visibility, while creating a group of talented candidates to serve the diverse group. This initiative was part of a series of developed skills acquisition programs in the vision of HR Laugfs to "make Laugfs a great company, building a great team." The Laugfs stand marked a unique approach in connecting with the Public in EDEX Expo and gave an overview of the working environment and great opportunities that young people can acquire to enter their careers with society. Many young candidates visited the Laugfs position to explore the possibilities in realizing their Career dreams and learn about possible career options. "We are honored to be a part of EDEX 2017 Fair Employment and we are proud of the education of the country's youth in potential career options and helping them To make their professional dreams a reality.This is our third year EDEX Expo and our company has made a reference this year appears as the winner of "best stall performance". Laugfs is the best place to start a promising career. We have already established as leaders and pioneers in the fields of energy and energy, retail, industry, services, leisure, logistics and real estate in Sri Lanka and beyond . Therefore, there is an abundance of great opportunities for young talents. We believe in team spirit and equality of opportunity. So join us and help you make your dream come true, "said Dulani Nissanka, Director of Human Resources Laugfs Holdings.








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