Sri Lanka has the potential to become the next Asian tiger

Ambassador Bruce Wharton, the Under-Secretary of State for Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs, spoke about the long-standing links between the United States and Sri Lanka. Wharton highlighted the crucial role Sri Lanka will play in the future of freight transport in South Asia, as the guest of honor at the celebrations organized by the Sri Lankan Embassy in Washington DC to commemorate the 69th Anniversary of the independence of the country. "Today, Sri Lanka has the potential to become the next Asian tiger. It has one of the most strategic of all the Indo-Pacific marine spots, which makes the sea lanes of the south coast of Sri Lanka are some of the most important economic arteries in the world, "he said in A speech at the event.He added that "all this cooperation will not be possible without the democratic progress Sri Lanka has made and its renewed commitment to reconciliation, responsible government and freedom of expression." Wharton said the United States fully supports all amateur companies and help improve the business climate in Sri Lanka. He also appreciated the efforts of Sri Lanka Navy, which contributed to the rescue mission, which took place on the shores of Sri Lanka. Referring to bilateral relations, Sri Lanka's Ambassador to the United States Prasad Kariyawasam spoke in particular of the high-level dialogue between the United States and Sri Lanka and the selection of Sri Lanka for a compact program Challenge Corporation Millennium In 2016. He noted that the leaders of Sri Lanka are waiting to work with the new US administration to take advantage of the exponential progress of the multi-faceted bilateral relationship, which is particularly fed over the past two years








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