Sri Lanka - Business Council Thailand Interviews in Thailand

Business Council Thailand visited Thailand 1-4 February for B2B meetings and bilateral talks with their Thai counterparts.

The 11 members of the powerful trade delegation of Sri Lanka met with members of the Federation of Industries Thailand and the Chamber of Commerce of Thailand to promote investment opportunities and joint ventures in Sri Lanka.

Meetings with government agency associations were followed by a full-day B2B session covering 60 small and medium-sized businesses at the Marquis Hotel Marriot in Bangkok. The B2B was organized with the assistance of the Ministry of International Trade and Promotion in Thailand. (DITP). Delegates from Sri Lanka were introduced to over 60 commercial establishments seeking to do business with Sri Lanka. B2B meetings have been very fruitful with members to establish direct contacts and potential customers of goods and services. Some of the Sri Lankan delegates immediately signed direct orders with Thai companies.

The delegation of Sri Lanka consists of 11 companies in various fields of activity. The delegation was led by Mr. Rizan Nazeer of Transtrade International, Mr. Lionel Fernando de Benjarong (Pvt) Ltd., Mr. Asgar AM Musajee of Mr. M. Noorhoy & Co., Mr. Lalith Kumarage Mr. Annerali AKBARALY Raj Sons (Pvt) Ltd., Mr. Luxman Peiris of Rubber Industries Dibbo, Mr. Assim Mukhtar of Sri Lanka Exhibition and Conference Services Mr. Rienzi Fernando Roots Worldwide (Pvt) , Mr. Waruna Peiris printers and publishers Waruna

Her Excellency Ms. Kshenuka Senavirathna, Ambassador of Sri Lanka to Thailand, also attended the meetings. During the discussions, the delegation of Sri Lanka extended a warm invitation to their Thai counterparts to visit Sri Lanka and see








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