The center of the world capital disappears from Sri Lanka

Al-Aman World Capital Center has launched a massive publicity campaign recently that the founding ceremony of the project in Sri Lanka will be held on 4 February 2017.

However, during the investigations of Ada Derana, it appeared that this project has not yet begun. Attempts to contact the company for more details proved to be a failure as the company's phone numbers were also confirmed as operational.

In its advertising campaign before the event, Al-Aman World Capital Center said that this large complex of buildings built in Slave Island, Colombo 02 would include 117 apartments and that after its completion would be the largest building in South Asia.

He also said that this 625 meter high building and includes two towers would become the ninth highest building in the world.

However, no company nowhere records the exact location of the proposed building.

The official website of this project indicates that this project is being implemented by Al Aman-Group. Although at first glance this company appears to be an entity in the Middle East, in fact, according to al-Aman's website, this company is an international trading company integrated in Sri Lanka in 2001. At present it has created Subsidiary in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

The official website of the World Capital Center states that the Al-Aman group is involved in two other projects outside the World Center Capital projects and are the Aman 101 - Royal Empire along the coastal region of North Colombo and Real Proposal Isla Aman to be built on the island of Mandaitivu in the Jaffna Peninsula.

Update information on the official Facebook page of Al-Aman World Capital has also been suspended now.








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