Cuba opens doors for trade, investment and

Juana Elena Rodrigues, Cuba's Ambassador to Sri Lanka, invited the business community of Sri Lanka to explore business opportunities in the pharmaceutical, renewable energy, food, tourism and energy- Real estate and agriculture in Cuba. At a seminar on "Bilateral trade between Sri Lanka and Cuba" organized by the National Chamber of Commerce of Sri Lanka, he said that bilateral trade volumes between the two countries are below their potential. The Cuban government is studying the possibility of creating trade and investment links much with Sri Lanka to try to bring bilateral business to the next level.

Cuba has established trade relations with 160 countries and major Rodrigues has expressed confidence that Sri Lanka will also become Cuba's main trading partner in the near future. Sri Lanka and Cuba established diplomatic relations in 1959. Cuba is best known as a sugar producer and famous for its Cuban cigars, and calypso music.

Sri Lanka imports from Cuba, sugar, nickel, fish, citrus fruits, snuff products, medicines and coffee. Sri Lanka exports ceramics, tea, coconut coconut, clothing and clothing, gemstones and leather goods to Cuba. The largest mineral resource is nickel. Cuba has considerably increased its market share in Caribbean tourism in the last decade; As a result of a significant investment in tourism infrastructure.








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