India and Singapore will not lead to large FDI inflows

Trade agreements with India and Singapore will not lead to a major shift in FDI inflows into Sri Lanka, said Deputy Director of the Sri Lanka Institute of Political Studies, Dr. Dushni Weerakoon.

Highlighting the economic impacts of the Free Trade Agreement between China and Sri Lanka, Dr. Werakoon said the FTA will have a different impact on the economy of Sri Lanka and the model trade agreement between China and Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka, the state-backed investors following government governments play an important role in bringing these investors closer to Sri Lanka.

"In the case of the India and Singapore agreements, governments have allowed the private sector to decide whether it is worthwhile to do FDI in Sri Lanka with potential trade agreements.

However, it depends on whether Sri Lanka has a fascinating history to tell in terms of manpower, talents and infrastructure and so on. "

Noting that trade agreements play a vital role in opening up the economy and market penetration for local exporters said a large number of agreements will not be opened enough to attract investment and investment exports. Foreign direct investment.

Weerakoon revealed that Sri Lanka has been very reluctant to sign anything over the past few decades. "

While the country still has greater market access, we do not address supply constraints by our domestic exporters in order to gain access to market penetration, "Weerakoon said.

According to the Commission, most agreements concern only one aspect and the necessary reforms are not linked to these trade agreements, so that such agreements with certain deregulation measures are not sufficient to increase competitiveness, Efficiency of the export sector.








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