Employees celebrated at the annual Serendib flour sales conference

The annual sales of the Serendib Flour Mills Conference (SFML) recently took place at the Airport Hotel lobby with the participation of senior management, department heads and sales force.

A total of 170 employees participated in the company's annual calendar sales and marketing.

The highlight of the event was to recognize and reward high performing artists for 2016. Several categories of sales staff have been recognized for their outstanding contribution during 2016. The best 7-star sales director of the award of The year was awarded Darshana Ruwan to (Senior Executive Sales), who emerged as the winner, while Wasantha Premathilake (Sales Area Manager) and K. Sritharan (Sales Representative Company) were awarded to the first rider and the second runners In the same category.
Isuru Udara (sales representative of the company) was the winner of the best 7-star retail management of the year.

The winner of the category of best sales representative of the year to the category 7 stars was Anton Bazil, followed by D. W. V. O. L. Padmasiri and Sarath Kumara as first and second runners respectively.

Sabesh Paskiran won the award for best retailer 7 Stars of the Year. The annual sales conference is also used as a forum to discuss the company's past performance, review sales activities, marketing and competitors, and also sketch strategic plans for 2017. This year, The theme of the conference was "Year of Quality and Growth". Moving forward in 2017, SFML focuses on improving product quality and service aspects, increasing volume, revenue and market share.

Dr. and CEO of Chevron Lanka, Kishu Gomes, made a presentation on "How to build an incredible line to beat the competition front."

SFML has re-launched its new corporate website with new features and remarkable design. The main motivation behind the revitalization was to modernize the site according to the changing environmental dynamics and also incorporate new functionalities according to internal changes in the company.

Another highlight of the new site is a section on sustainable development and measures SFML takes to reduce their carbon footprint, as well as other CSR initiatives of the company.








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