Vehicle Gimmick assembly to cost heavily boxes

A minister's effort for Cabinet approval to provide tax rebates for used vehicles imported from the regions of the country to be used by a car assembly company has sounded the alarm in the industry.

A senior official of the Association of Motor Traders of Ceylon (CMTA) said Daily News Business that are very concerned about the proposed amnesty to give to the automotive assembly company located in Minuwangoda.

The company had received approval from the EC in 2009 to assemble cars with spare parts. About 400 cars were assembled and after a person filed a legal case the operation was banned.

However, in the last budget, the government gave an amnesty to register these vehicles with the RMV.

The official also said that have now been given permission to raise an additional 750 units per year for three years, which is equivalent to 2,250 units.

The official said that already reached eight containers filled with used vehicle parts in the country and that customs held these used containers used vehicles because they were more than three years between 5 and 10 years.

He said that under the law of land, vehicles over three years can not be imported into the island. "There is a serious problem because these imported parts used in the car are very old which are essentially Toyota and Honda and will be assembled and sold in another brand name.

This is a violation of the manufacturer's rights, as these cars bear the chassis numbers of the original manufacturer. It will also be a danger to the environment and the government's policy to look cleaner.

The official said that the main concern of the ATCM is that the public is misled, given false information and also the colossal loss of income for the country if this set of vehicle was allowed to pursue the amnesty of customs duties On waste imported into the country.

In addition, the ATCM is also very concerned about the safety factor because there is no quality control that can lead to accidents and loss of life, the more one can not accept the factors of a Vehicle that had worked for more security 10 years.

Therefore, CMTA Maithripala Sirisena asked the President to appoint a committee and immediately check the status of this company to prevent innocent people are affected by this.








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