Central Bank publishes new publication "A Financial System Survey

The Central Bank today launched a new book entitled "A study of the financial system", written by Mr. P Samarasiri, Deputy Governor. This is the fourth book written by Mr. Samarasiri and published by the Central Bank. The presentation of the book is aimed at students, teachers and politicians who seek the basics on financial transactions and operations of a financial system. The book presents the financial system based on five elements covering money, central bank, financial institutions, financial markets and the financial safety net mechanism, with particular attention in Sri Lanka. In addition, a brief description of the key issues is also given in the first chapter. Coverage and presentation of the book are easy to read and provide readers with a fair guide to studying how a financial system works. Readers can study the more theoretical and practical details of other sources to take the reading of this book as a guide.

Mr. Samarasiri is the author of three manuals published by the Central Bank. (Published in 2011 - a reprint / revised edition) (Principles of Analysis and Economic Policy) (published in 2010-6 reprints / a revised edition) (published in 2013 - a reprint).

All these books are available in the columns of the sale of publications of the Central Bank in Colombo, Rajagiriya and the regional offices and the sale of counter books from the Institute of Bankers of Sri Lanka, Borella.








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