Fourth Conference on Government Procurement in South Asia 2016/2017 - 20-23 February 2017 Colombo / Kandy

The Ministry of Finance, on behalf of the Government of Sri Lanka, will host the Fourth South Asia Public Procurement Conference (SARPPC) in Colombo under the theme "Electronic Procurement (e-GP) in South Asia: Achievements, Opportunities and Challenges "Kandy 20-23 February 2017. HE President Maithripala Sirisena, Hon. Ranil Wickramasinghe Prime Minister and Hon. Minister of Finance Ravi Karunanayke, is among the local and foreign speakers at the highest level at the conference.

This annual event for the sharing of knowledge, experiences and experiences is organized under the auspices of the South Asia Regional Procurement Network (SARPPN), which is the main supply of Afghanistan, Bangladesh , Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. The World Bank, the Asian Development Bank and the Islamic Development Bank are co-sponsors of the conference.

Many countries in the region have made significant progress in reforms in public financial management in general and in public procurement reform in particular. Sri Lanka is also in the process of various governance reforms. The Financial Administration Act, the right to information on financial sector reforms, and regulations on Procurement Reforms and PPPs are few in number. Given these reform initiatives, the SAR Conference would provide a valuable opportunity for the country to strengthen its governance framework with the best practices used in developed countries.

The theme of the Fourth Conference is of strategic importance to the countries of South Asia, as they are at different stages of the introduction and implementation of e-procurement. E-GP makes the most strategic and effective innovation to implement reforms with markets in terms of efficiency, transparency, competition, equity and value purchasing performance.

The Conference provides participants with an opportunity to learn from each other and experienced experts from countries with procurement systems that work well, especially the latest developments in public procurement, among others, Supply. It will also provide an opportunity to interact with partners and development experts on the latest developments in e-procurement, performance measurement and capacity building. As the Ministry of Finance works with the World Bank to develop the e-GP system, this conference will be useful as the country is becoming a more accountable and transparent government.








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