MAS Holdings is committed to the roadmap for a non-toxic Zdhc future

MAS Holdings becomes the latest manufacturer of clothing and textiles to become a value chain affiliated with the Group Zero Dumping of Dangerous Chemicals (ZDHC) as it works to shift the industry towards a zero-waste of harmful chemicals 2020 environment .

Becoming the first company in Sri Lanka, which is incorporated ZDHC program is deliberately given by MAS to realize its vision of a toxic-free future for the textile and textile stage.

Based in Sri Lanka with 50 manufacturing plants located in 15 countries of the key style investment design centers in the world and more than 88,000 people involved in its MAS operation, it is now a conglomerate of $ 1.6 billion and is Positioned as one of the world's leading suppliers of design solutions for garment and textile manufacturing.

The new partnership enables MAS and ZDHC to create a positive impact on the value chain's chain and align with the sustainability of the company's own plan, which includes an ambitious internal target to reduce the use of hazardous chemicals in Their processes the production line in 2025.

The initial initiative of MAS in the garment industry in 1986 began with the audacious selection of lingerie products. Today, the group has expanded its portfolio of products for bras, formal wear, performance wear, sleepwear, swimwear and active clothing as well as its own fabric supply chain . His portfolio includes brands such as Victoria's Secret, Nike, Lululemon, Calvin Klein, Marks & Spencer, Patagonia, Speedo and others.

In six years, MAS Holdings Sustainability has driven the center of your business by implementing standards in all areas in Sri Lanka and driving a culture of sustainable development among its 88,000 strong employees, 70% of whom are women. Now, conglomerate clothing expands its mandate to seek greater collaboration on projects that will allow Sri Lanka as a hub for sustainable manufacturing.

Mahesh Amalean President and CEO of MAS Holdings said: "I am proud to announce our affiliation with Zero Hazardous Chemicals Program (ZDHC) Becoming an affiliate member of the ZDHC value chain marks a key milestone in this journey. Where MAS has made a clear commitment to promote real change in our sphere of influence and to support ZDHC and our partners in removing hazardous chemicals from all textile production by 2020.
Our commitment to ZDHC is simply part of our overall strategy and the pillars that make our heart - Innovation, Sustainability and Collaboration. We are committed to working with all that we influence on this journey to innovate safer, more effective alternatives that do not harm the environment or our communities. We hope that other colleagues and partners will join us in this quest to create a non-toxic future that we must all work urgently as a collective vision. "

A view supported by Sarinda Unamboowe, the director of the Sustainable MAS Manufacturing Supervisory Board said, "We have identified responsible management of chemicals as a key part of our sustainable development plan and being part of the ZDHC program. A step towards creating a non-toxic future. Growing a business while developing a mandate for sustainability is a difficult and even more difficult job to follow. We believe that sustainability must go beyond a CSR mandate and become a strategic core business. This approach means going beyond caution, respect and promoting sustainability, and seeking long-term solutions in collaboration with all stakeholders. "








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