Ceylon Chamber launches its 'Economic Review and Prospects 2017'

The Ceylon Chamber of Commerce launched its "Economic Review and Prospects 2017", a new report containing information on the trends, risks and prospects of Sri Lanka and the global economy. Entitled "Triumph in turbulence".

The latest report provides an overview of the main macroeconomic factors shaping the business environment in 2017, prospects for GDP growth, inflation, monetary and fiscal policy, external sector, FDI, tourism, shipments Funds and sectoral perspectives. In the "global economy" section, the report focuses on prospects and risks in advanced and emerging economies, particularly in the United States and Europe, which are key markets for Sri Lanka's exports.

Commenting on the launch of the report, CCC chief Anushka Wijesinha Economist said: "This report is a useful one-stop shop for information on key economic issues 2017 will be a challenging year both internally and externally, Current economic trends. "Key is imperative for any business".

The publication also has a special segment on consumer outlook, the effects of drought, new project opportunities, new policy and regulatory changes, and CCC provisions on key macroeconomic variables and policy outlook 2017 For a copy of this report, Economic Intelligence Unit House 115588883








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