Jaffna International Trade Fair: the opportunity to benefit from the benefits of the North

The Jaffna International Trade Fair (JITF 2017), the trade show and trade area of ​​North Fastest growing Sri Lanka Consumers will be held from 27 to 29 January 2017 for the eighth consecutive year. Make a great success for private and public sector suppliers, buyers / buyers, academics, students and the general public.

The actual event "Door of the North" will take place in the city of Jaffna.

The exhibition is widely accepted as a mandatory event in the timing of events of all stakeholders in the supply chain and supply chain process. The exhibition consists of local and international stations that cater to a wide range of needs and services. In 2016, the event attracted an audience of more than 60,000 visitors. The focal point for a wide range of investors and citizens is considered.

Chairman of JITF co-founder and former Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Yarlpanam - K. Pooranachandran said that this great event would be an excellent opportunity for staff to participate in Jaffna business development activities because there are Great opportunities for infrastructure development that come in the Jaffna region shortly.

He said the massive infrastructure development underway in the region has paved the way for many investment opportunities in the region for those who saw potential at an early stage. "However, there is much more new for others who want to seize opportunities for initiative," he said.

"Joint ventures, links, important orders were the highlights of trade relations between the peoples of the South and North," said Pooranachandran.

According to project manager JITF, Imalka Mullegama, more than 300 exhibitors display more than 1000 products to meet the demands of more than 60,000 visitors from all over the country.

The event will feature many attractions for visitors of all ages, including a children's amusement park, all kinds of food and beverages, food courses and Hawker-type special discounts on more than 1000 products . A raffle draw per hour will bring exciting prizes. In addition, the event will offer free medical sessions and beauty tips reviews.

A visiting students will be provided with valuable information on scholarships offered by the leading institutes to conduct seminars and workshops required. The special pavilion of higher education also have a raffle draw giving price per hour to leave.

A special delegation of 75 members from India will visit the event to explore trade and investment opportunities. This delegation is sponsored and organized by India ASSOCHAM (The Associated Chamber of Commerce in India)

Currently they are developed roads, electricity, bridges and all other major facets of the region as the government ensures that the region lives up to many of the most powerful business and lifestyle destinations of the world.

The exhibition will showcase the construction industry, hospitality industry, food industry, beverage and packaging industry, automotive industry, ICT industry, financial services, Textiles and textiles, agriculture, consumer goods and many more that will be on display during the three days.

The organizers have planned many simultaneous events during the 2017 edition, among them a two-day musical evening with popular artists a road show before the expo, the children's carnival and an amusement park among other things.

As the event is seen as the one-stop shop, many companies have come forward to help through sponsorships. Skin Naturals 4Ever (Pvt) Ltd, Official Partner Shoes is D. Samson & Sons (Pvt) (Pvt) Ltd., of the Association of Industrial Machinery and Equipment (Mv. Pvt) Ltd., Official Partner of Health is Lanka Inner Hospitals Official Partner is Imports and Exports Idea (Pvt) Ltd., Official Partner Power Generation is Trends Strategic Company (Pvt) Ltd.








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