Nehémie Consultants is associated with Creative Block3

Nehemiah Consultants, one of the fastest growing public relations agencies in the recently concluded partnership with Creative Block3, a dynamic digital media agency to improve its country's portfolio of services.

The agreement was signed between founder / director Nehémie Consultants Sanura Gunawardana and co-founder / Managing Partner of creative director Block3 Inzamam Hassim.

Speaking of the agreement Sanuna Gunawardana said: "Digital marketing is creating a phenomenal paradigm shift on a global scale and Sri Lanka is such a nation technology expert must accept this change. Companies and brands are increasingly aware of the importance of digital presence and visibility in all social and mobile media.

This alliance opens up opportunities for our clients to explore new ways to convey your message. "

Inzamam also commented the association Hassim said: "We are truly happy to be on board with Nehemiah to design strategies and implement comprehensive marketing solutions for customers and hopefully develop comprehensive marketing plans."

As part of the new Block3 partnership act as the arm of Digital Media Nehemia Consultant and expand services as sensitive web development, brand-name comprehensive enterprise / email marketing solutions, social media management and marketing automation To all clients and Nehemiah's new consultant.

Block3 consists of Inzamam and Shiva Balachandran as the founding members.








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