Social enterprises and SMEs for sustainable development and poverty reduction 23-24 January

Lanka Social Ventures is organizing the conference "Social and SME Enterprises for Sustainable Development and Poverty Reduction" with the aim of raising awareness of social enterprises and social finance and reflecting on their potential to contribute to sustainable development and To poverty reduction. -24 In Colombo.

Key partners include Oxfam, National Enterprise Development Authority (NEDA), UK Council, Market and VEGA BIZ +. Lanka impact investors Network (Liin) and social enterprise Lanka.

Social enterprises are enterprises that deal with social and environmental problems, generate income and employment.

They differ from other companies because instead of channeling the benefits to the owners, social enterprises reinverten to support its social mission and thus contribute to the improvement of people's lives. In Sri Lanka too, social entrepreneurship is becoming more popular and there are now many successful businesses operating throughout the country.

Social Ventures Lanka is a "social enterprise" committed to promoting and supporting entrepreneurship and innovation for social development and environmental sustainability.

A diverse and distinguished group of local and international entrepreneurs, policy makers, development professionals and investor impact companies will share their knowledge and expertise on how social enterprises can contribute to sustainable development and poverty.

The conference will provide an opportunity to share and learn from experiences, best practices and lessons on social entrepreneurship, social innovation and ecosystem development, poverty reduction and the contexts of the various regions of the world.








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