Mega England Sri Lanka joint beauty contest to be held in July

For the first time in Sri Lanka ex-British beauty queen will host a mega beauty contest common in Sri Lanka beauties, including English and Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka will coordinate this event as well as Sri Lanka Tourism and has also partnered with Miss England Limited, UK. President of the Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Board, Paddy Withana, said it would be a great MICE of events and that the country would get free destination of mileage through it. MISS ENGLAND LIMITED, Executive Director, Angie Beasley, England and bring 40 finalists to Sri Lanka. Simultaneously, a competition will take place in Sri Lanka and 40 finalists will be selected. Then 80 would have paraded on a podium and MISS ENGLAND - MISS FIRST CEYLAN would be chosen.

He said the contest would also give Sri clothes and other sectors Lanka to participate to show their products in the world through the huge international advertising that would be generated by the event.

The selected finalists will also be nominated at the ramp in the UK and other European destinations. The final should be held in July outside Colombo.

First Tissa Jayaweera chaired by Ceylon, supported by Servarajah Krishnakurar, Jagath Wijesekara Director General and / Executive Director President. (SS)








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