LAUGFS creates history in Hambantota

LAUGFS, one of the largest diversified conglomerates in Sri Lanka, is marked to mark another monumental stage by being the first to register a ship in the port of Hambantota. The announcement was made with the purchase of another LPG ship under the direction of LAUGFS Maritime, in its plans to rapidly expand its fleet of vessels. The last LPG carrier was acquired by an investment of more than $ 2.8 million, and is registered under the flag of Sri Lanka as Gas Courage.

"Being a conglomerate that is proud of its roots in Sri Lanka, we are very pleased to register the first vessel in the port of Hambantota," said President of LAUGFS Holdings, MWKHWegapitiya "We have aggressively expanded our interests in The energy and energy sector as part of our global expansion strategy. Our plans are to strengthen our fleet of ships to 20 carriers soon, to meet the growing demand logistics in the region, as well as our Own LPG operations in Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. Courage expand logistics capacity LAUGFS Maritime 3.000 other LPG M / T capacities as global energy demand continues to increase, we are preparing rapidly to support these future needs and Seize emerging opportunities, with heavy investments particularly focused on energy infrastructure, "he continued.

Currently, LAUGFS is installing one of the largest LPGs of import and export terminals in South Asia in Hambantota. It is expected that the terminal, which is expected to be operational in 2018, will support the growing demand for LPG and serve as a central storage center for the region. In addition, the LAUGFS energy business, SLOGAL Energy DMCC, was established last year, based in Dubai. LAUGFS became the first energy brand in Sri Lanka to become a multinational, with the acquisition of the third largest LPG distributor in Bangladesh, one of the most lucrative emerging markets for LPG in Asia.

"As a local conglomerate, we are proud to register another vessel under our flag of Sri Lanka," said Managing Group Holdings LAUGFS, Director Thilak De Silva. "Our goal is to help Sri Lanka is a center Energy logistics by taking advantage of the location of our country and the extensive knowledge and industry capabilities in the energy and energy sector.The expansion of LAUGFS fleet Maritime and investment In the construction of one of the import and export terminals in importance LPG Terminal LAUGFS are all measures taken to realize this strong ambition of the creation of local employment development infrastructure , They produce enormous benefits for our country, "he said.








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