Medical solutions through telemedicine and e-health platforms "-

For the first time in Sri Lanka has introduced a platform of "Telemedicine", it provides practical medical solutions that are stress and hassle.

The portal also stores all medical records in a cloud platform where all members' medical records are stored.

These can be donated online through a mobile phone and can show a doctor, "said Dr. Harsha Jayakody, Founder,

"MyDoctor are looking for new companies in healthcare and we plan to bring this application to the Maldives too."

We also offer free medical services to our members through our modern 24-hour center call. "

"We also work closely with a group of experts and qualified doctors, as well as some of the most prestigious organizations and institutes in the health sector."

"They help keep you well informed about their current health without leaving the comfort of your home."

"The system was developed to provide health reminders, reminders for checks and reminders of medicines that can be tailored to each specific client.

This system is safe, secure and easy to use, enabling them to achieve the best possible results. "








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