Huawei aims to be the number one brand in smartphones in 2017 in SL

Singer Sri Lanka PLC and Huawei recently organized a fruitful partnership over four years together.

Huawei joined Singer Sri Lanka in 2012 and thanks to marketing strategies and distribution Singer, Huawei has created a strong position in the market of smartphones and tablets users of Sri Lanka.

In recognition of having made a lot of accomplishments in a very short period of time, Huawei and Singer announced their success at a press conference held at the Singer headquarters in Navam Mawatha of a distinguished assembly of Sri Lanka and Huawei Sri Lanka Sri Lanka PLC including the singer CEO of the group Asoka Pieris and Huawei Device country chief Sri Lanka Henry Liu.

Huawei chose to associate their brand with the singer Sri Lanka because of their reputation of the brand that was evident among the public of Sri Lanka. Base zero Based on the in 2012, Singer had successfully helped boost the brand image and market share of Huawei to more than 30% in the third quarter of 2016, according to the latest analysis of user experience experts The GfK search.

"In terms of technology, Huawei itself and its brand name certainly adapted from a more localized perspective to suit the potential users of Sri Lanka smartphones. With the know-how of the Singer brands, customer base, the reach of all 'And the support of dealers, Huawei has made a name for himself in collaboration with Singer, "said Asoka Pieris, CEO of singer Sri Lanka Group PLC.

Pieris also revealed that smartphones that Rs value. 6,500 million have been sold to date by Singer dealers. In Sri Lanka, Huawei showed an increase in sales, mainly in the Western Region, but most of the country showed the same pattern of growth in sales of Huawei brand smartphones.

Commenting on the growth of Huawei for the past four years, Huawei Device Sri Lanka Country Leader Henry Liu said: "Huawei has a reputation for aligning a dedicated and strict approach to provide customers with technological advances and are committed to delivering the best of Related options technology for the smartphone user. Including unique features like two cameras and printing fingerprints, Huawei is still working to improve the game and achieve ambitious goals with regard to achieving sales growth. I am confident to say that Huawei together with the singer focus on being number one in Sri Lanka in 2017 ".

"We appreciate the contributions of singer Sri Lanka for leading Huawei to this level and as our goal is simply to bring the best in Sri Lanka, Huawei expects more incredible added to the portfolio in terms of fast downloads 4G, Budget Ranges as well as" A tablet for the Sri Lanka market, "Liu admitted.








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