Urubokke micro-entrepreneurs receive loans under the Citi Rural Empowerment Economic Program - CCC

As part of the Rural Economic Empowerment Citi-CCC, Hatton National Bank provided loan facilities to a micro-scale entrepreneurial group in the district of Matara Urubokke to start new businesses and expand existing businesses . A total of 37 entrepreneurs, previously trained by the Rural Economic Empowerment Citi - CCC to identify companies and preparing commercially viable enterprises plans to launch new businesses or expanding existing businesses, as well as on ways to get finance Formal financial sector, received loans from the branch of HNB Urubokke, which was established as a branch "Gemi Pubuduwa" to serve microentrepreneurs. Among them, there were 17 female entrepreneurs engaged in micro-scale food processing, operating tea nurseries and spices and grocery stores in your area. Male entrepreneurs mainly engaged in the cultivation of tea and cinnamon and harvest tea leaves and cinnamon spikes.

Mr. Ravin Basnayake, Citi Country Officer, Citibank Sri Lanka, Ms. Shanaka Waduge, Head of Corporate Affairs, Citibank Sri Lanka, Mr. Chandra D. Vithanage, Deputy Secretary General of the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce Fernando, Deputy General Manager - SME Development and Financial HNB attended the event, representing their respective organizations.

Urubokke is the closest town to the remote villages in southern Sri Lanka is Beralapanathara, Morawaka, Waralla, Bengamuwa, Gomawila under the Pasgoda DS Division Matara District. Most villagers are engaged in the cultivation of small crop of tea and cinnamon. In addition, many of them are engaged in businesses such as micro-scale food processing, operating tea nurseries and spices, grocery and tea leaf collection and a cinnamon pen.

As rural entrepreneurs in these regions needed assistance in improving the commercial viability of their business, the Rural Economic Empowerment Citi-CCC chose Beralapanathara and other neighboring villages to strengthen their livelihoods through the technical training needed to Enterprises and access to finance through liaison with the formal banking sector so that they can increase their disposable income.

Mr. Chandra D. Vithanage, Deputy Secretary General of the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce, said in his opening speech that the provision of microfinance is nothing new, as there are more than 25 commercial banks and Many microfinance institutions that offer loans. However, this program for Rural Economic Empowerment Citi-CCC offers more microfinance to focus on providing an integrated set of services, including skills development, expertise, services, business development and Exposure to best practices in corporate governance for elected to their commercial viability, which will help them gain access to financial services cooking formal system.

Mr. Jude Fernando, SME Development and Financial HNB Deputy Director General, said that the HNB supports rural entrepreneurs through the "Gemi Pubuduwa" program for nearly two decades and is privileged to collaborate with Citi-CCC Rural Empowerment Funded by Citibank and executed by the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce. On behalf of HNB, a private commercial bank that helps rural entrepreneurs across the country, called on all the beneficiaries of this program to further exploit the financial mechanism offered that day to help themselves and the economy grow.








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