Government revenue increased by 30 percent - Minister of Finance

During 2015-2016 government revenue increased by 160 crore, an increase of 30%, Finance Minister Ravi Karunanayake said.

It reported revenue in 2012 was 1,068 million in 2013 increased to 1,153 billion in 2014 rose to 1,205 billion in 2015 for Rs 1461 million and rose to Rs 1.66 billion in 2016.

In the figure of recent years excises were R $ 2.2 billion, but now it has grown to Rs 11 billion. The minister said an inquiry should be launched to find out what happened to Rs 800,000,000.

We launched around 35-40 development projects over these weeks and took the time to launch these programs as we wanted it to be made clean.

The money earned from the rental of the port of Hambantota will be used to repay the debts, while the balance will remain as reserves the minister.

Some of the people who worked for the former governor of the Central Bank are lying about the situation at the Central Bank and in the future with the permission of the president and the Prime Minister will tell the truth to the minister. He said that to hide all this people spread lies about the port of Hambantota.

He said that, although he did not want to increase tax








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