Minorities get a good deal delimiting the electoral panel

The minorities of Sri Lanka have obtained a large part of the Electoral Commission Delimitation, according to Professor P. Balasundarampillai, member of the panel. "Minorities have a lot to do if the constituency concerned has to choose a representative in the proportional mixed system or postal system," he said on Tuesday. "The interest of the majority majority parties has also been safeguarded," he said, adding that the multi-party committee procedures have shown complete agreement on the principles adopted. Any issues that remain to be resolved when the first Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe will meet all political parties in parliament on January 9, Balasundarampillai said. However, the process was interrupted when two of the five members of the committee representing the United National Party (UNP) and the Sri Lanka Freedom Party Faction), but the chairman of the committee, Asoka Peiris, decided to submit the report, as most of the members had signed and he also wished to respond to criticism that the committee was taking too much time on the report. But when it was presented to the Minister of Local Government, faizer Mustapha, he refused to accept it by saying that two members had not signed. "According to Professor Balasundarampillai, the minister said that both members must say in writing Why they did not sign, submit a dissenting note. "I hope to sign or do what the minister says in the next few days. However, I think the problem will be solved when the Prime Minister meets with the parliament of the political parliament on January 9, "he said.








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