Amana Bank seeks Foreign Investors to pay the capital increase,

Amana Bank to declare that are Board of Directors is Color CURRENTLY WITH Investors in Talks Paying Potential Foreigners IMPROVE In accordance with the requirements are the capital of the Central Bank.

The budget of 2017 to propose to increase the minimum current capital base of the crore 10,000 20,000 billion pour All to Commercial Banks corresponds.

It also has the capital increase Proposed Minimum Permitted Specialized Banks and 7,500 million primary DEALERS 1,500 crore.

"The Improving Bank Patent Capital in Conformity with Required CBSL Requirements You" Amana Bank DECLARES IN A PRESENTATION OF THE BAG.

Amana Bank, declares that FInAnCEMEnT by Soumise Would be equity proprietary to the approval of the Central Bank of Change Control Department, SEC, we CST and Shareholders. "The Bank of announcements on the market would do, the Southern Progress discussions of advertising offices in farms commitments".

The Government considers that the consolidation of financial institutions will be beneficial in the long term and voluntary Encourage the consolidation, in particular pay Private Banks.








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