Sri Lankan passengers entered China Mattala

SriLankan Airlines, leaving Mattala International Airport, observed the high cost of landing and take-off, again welcome to the airport to facilitate Chinese airlines flying in and out bound flights.

In addition SriLankan Airlines also allowed passengers to enter and get off at Mattala airport. "We also give you the possibility to passengers who have already purchased tickets to China to board and disembark from Mattala. Passengers can go to the SriLankan ticket offices and change your flight preferably to embark and disembark in Mattala, An official of SriLankan Airlines said.

SriLankan failed in negotiating a new time interval in China due to the closure of the Colombo airport runway for repairs on 6 January, 8.30 - 16.30 for three months. All other airports have allowed SriLankan Airlines to adapt to suit the closing times of Colombo airport.

Therefore, they must take early morning and to land for "time"; They have to land in Mattala and be on the ground for three hours "will offer free meals for passengers while at Mattala Airport". This will cost the airline and another $ 50 million US, a source told SriLankan. (SS)








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