Cloud companion partners Sampath Bank for Trade Finance GT Nexus

Sampath Bank will transform the local banking sector through its partnership with GT Nexus, which sri the manufacturers at the time in cloud.

The association streamlines its export operations by facilitating access to capital in the supply chain as soon as the purchase order.

GT Nexus is the enterprise and business network platform based on the world's largest global trade management and supply chain cloud, managing more than $ 500 billion of assets on its platform. Through this partnership, Sampath Bank will open up a world of new opportunities for local exporters, giving them access to more than 25,000 customers and GT Nexus on board and enabling them to take advantage of the visibility and automation provided by Platform in cloud.

General Bank deputy vice president Sampath Bank, Shashi Kandambi Jassim, said: "GT Nexus allows us to connect to global supply chains of the largest companies in the world and eliminate risk and friction.

This partnership with GT Nexus is a testament to Sampath Bank's innovation initiative and brings buyers, sellers, financiers and all other stakeholders together on a single platform. In addition, it will equip exporters in Sri Lanka with a steady flow of business information in real time via multi-functional supply chain time, enabling them to operate seamlessly with partners worldwide from From the point of order until the final payment.

Chairman of the Nexus WG, Kurt Cavano said that the "supply chain supply offer the traditional channel and limited flexibility. The combination of network connectivity, cloud technology and multiple visibility allows for a planned transformation of vendors. Suppliers can access funds when needed. This is essential to ensure the health and strength of today's complex global supply chains "








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