Sri Lanka's most advanced ultra-modern tire factory - an innovative mission

Rigide Tire Corporation (Pvt.) Ltd .. Equipped with the latest technology, this new plant is destined to roll on a new page in the industrial sector of Sri Lanka. It comes with a sound integration of political sense, local entrepreneurship and proven European technology in the form of a worldwide reputation - Marangoni in Italy. Marangoni is famous not only for its superlative race tire, but also the manufacturing process; High performance, efficient and above all fuel, will tread lightly on the environment! Your carbon footprint is small and clean!

For the leadership of His Excellency Mr. Maithripala Sirisena, Prime Minister Hon. Ranil Wikremesinghe laid the foundation stone of this mega plant in a leading event in the Industrial Inquiry Commission, Wagawatta, Horana Zone, on January 5, 2017. The well function attended over 1500 people. Among the guests. The Honorable Malik Samarawikrama and many other ministers, to which the President of the EC, Mr Upul Jayasooriya, the Secretaries of Ministries and representatives of the Government will join. The clergy of all religions and representatives of the community will also be present.

This new company, with an investment of 11.25 billion rupees, is considered the largest fully integrated tire in the country's manufacturing plant. It is an initiative with large benefits for the country and can certainly deploy a mile of many advantages: economy or currency; The use of skilled labor or professional development; Add value to our natural, rubber or extend to investors around the world and calling in Sri Lanka as a friendly nation with investor resources.

The company would create more than 3,000 job opportunities, both direct and indirect. This would be a suitable place for front-line professionals, who would move from exposure to technology and ultra-modern expertise here, to this very place of his birth: this experience that otherwise would only win through the " Employment sector of manufacturing even abroad. The exposure gained at this technically advanced state-of-art facility certainly ready to be the class after the professionals worldwide! High pay! The highest recognition !!

The creation of such high-caliber jobs is what the country needs now "to accelerate growth with social inclusion ..." This step would mean one thing: stop the practice of placing our talented children in Places the work of the government and even more crowded It would empty government coffers. On the contrary, what makes the tire factory for the country is to create the opportunity for jobs that in turn create wealth, not drain, so that the country as a whole can have a future -to prosper!

That is why Tire Corporation rigid in Horana, has all the blessings of the government. Because it is about creating the future for all to prosper.

First among beneficiaries are the communities that live in the vicinity of this upward facility: because such a complex magnitude in itself is the catalyst for generating a series of livelihood development; Including housing and infrastructure development will increase real real estate prices therefore in the locality.
Rigide Tires main business intention is to capitalize on the European market. The desire to do so and are an advantage Marangony, the technical partners of this company, they are a reputed brand all over the world with an impressive participation in Europe. Therefore, all products of RIGID tires take the label "Agréé par Marangoni".

The tire factory, the first of its kind in Sri Lanka, is responsible for manufacturing the entire range of tires on the road and beyond. Radians of passenger cars for performance, ride comfort, safety and long service life; Radial trucks and buses that require more road than anything else. Even the segment tricycles and two-wheeled tire market is a significant gain because the new plant technology can definitely provide quality price attributes that segment is willing to offer. Off-road tires (OTR tires) is another segment of the tire industry that the plant is well-oriented with superlative attributes deliver unmatched in the industry.

In addition to the manufacture of tires, the plant has designed several others separated to further increase the added value of the rubber industry divisions. A tape-making product is








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