Discs seas continue between Merchant Navy and the new luxury yacht Aggressor Sri Lanka, jeopardizing development again

After the last ship registry problem was solved several months ago, the SLA yacht finally launched several successful whale maps. Two new areas with large aggregations of blue whales due to the ability of attackers from Sri Lanka to hundreds of nautical miles to travel on a 7-day journey were identified.

The new dispute arose as to the competence of the crew. The team of authors of Sri Lanka is occupied by the Egyptian foreign crew and each with up to 5 to 10 years experience and certification in specialized scuba diving operations and Tourism of Egypt, the Maldives and other places 500-1000 yachts fleet they operate. The Ministry of Shipping does not recognize the selected certification of the crew and captains only accept the SLA and the crew to the certification standard required for international cargo ships, tankers and cargo ships.

The SLA Yacht deliberately engaged 40% of the Sri Lankans at the start and began training local crew members with the goal of having a crew formed from Sri Lanka within a few years. However, both sides are currently at an impasse, if the merchant navy does not want to recognize the current specialized and experienced team, the ship can not be crewed and sailed by a crew member and the captain of Sri Lanka With zero experience deep diving and tourism.

An example of the problem is that the Department of Merchant Shipping has been unable even to help insure the yacht SLA cook Sri Lanka 5 stars for the yacht since its arrival in September, and in its own words despite Sri Lanka which has a superabundance 5 Star restaurant chefs on the island, none of them has the certification of the Department of Merchant Marine necessary to allow the SLA yacht or the last cruise that docked in Colombo which was also desperate for chefs and staff of the kitchen.

Currently the yacht is down 3 weeks maintenance and repair after a first experience with a Sri Lankan captain inexperienced passengers caused damaged on the side of the boat. The management of the TVB Group hopes that an agreement can be found in the next week, so there are no interruptions in the cards fully booked on 28 January this month.

Sri Lanka Aggressor Yacht is only the first of what could be 50 yacht fleet established in Sri Lanka in the next 5 to 10 years by local entrepreneurs in Sri Lanka similar to the fleets of tourists in Egypt, Maldives and Thailand that Could generate up to 500,000 new hotel nights, 100 domestic flights, more than half a trillion dollars in new tourist revenue each year and thousands of new jobs related to tourism in Sri Lanka.








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