The congestion of the airport is completely relieved Colombo - Minister

The initial congestion caused as a result of the partial closure of Katunayake International Airport on January 6 was completely relieved according to the Minister of Tourism Development.

The airport is closed from 8:30 am to 16:30 pm daily for a period of three months to resurface the main runway.

The Minister of Tourism Development, John Amaratunga, who was closely monitored the situation visited Katunayake airport on January 8 and followed a meeting with representatives of airlines and officials in his office AASL yesterday morning .

There was general consensus among the representatives of airlines that congestion problems were completely overcome and actually commended the authorities for their quick action to facilitate passenger traffic.

"Following congestion reports on the first day of partial closure, airport authorities moved quickly into action to minimize inconvenience to passengers by introducing a series of measures," said Minister Amaratunga.

Minister Amaratunga who visited the airport during an inspection visit observed first-hand the measures in place to ensure the smooth flow of passenger traffic. At a meeting at the airport, in the presence of the Immigration and Immigration Controller, AASL senior management, representatives of the repair trail repairers, security chiefs and other senior officials , The Minister asked the operational questions and the measures that had been introduced.

It was reported that the minister had increased the number of meters for records, immigration and customs, which corresponds to the increase in traffic. "After talking to all concerned officials and some of the passengers themselves, found the flow of passengers was fairly smooth and fast returning to normal. Remember that two million tourist arrivals airport operates at 150% of Its capacity, so the new terminal is ready to be a busy airport, "said Minister Amaratunga.

Other measures that have been introduced include queue management, entertainment for passengers waiting, additional seats, passenger facilitation services in the field of migration and Wi-Fi for passengers.

"At the airport meeting we are discussing the possibility of introducing a separate category control company to facilitate passenger traffic at the main terminal.

We are also studying the possibility of allowing the registration of air passenger offices in Colombo.

Logistics and migration issues should be resolved in this regard, "said Minister Amaratunga.

Senior executives of all the airlines operating in the country expressed their satisfaction with the measures taken during the meeting with the Minister of Tourism in Colombo this morning.

"The flow of passengers is better than before closure. Competent authorities should be commended for their business," said Chandana De Silva, a representative of a leading airline.

"We are also studying the possibility of reducing order for 5 hours of time. I am confident that this can be reduced in the near future," said Minister Amaratunga.








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