Volkswagen announced the withdrawal of 50,000 units in China

The German automaker, Volkswagen has announced a significant withdrawal of about 50,000 cars, which has sold in the Chinese market.

The recall was issued for its two models, the scarab and golf because of a problem with the braking of the cars, while the cruise control is engaged.

The vehicles included in the recall include the Volkswagen Beetle cars, manufactured between 1 July 2012 and 6 August 2015. Golf models, on the other hand, range of built between 1 July 2012 and 6 July 2013.

A probable car noise noise problem is insinuating, leading to a brake failure, when the car was put on cruise control mode for a relatively long time. Volkswagen asked owners of all recalled cars to bring their vehicles to their nearest Volkswagen, which diagnose and correct the problem at no cost to car dealership owners.

Also recently, Volkswagen has once again been in trouble for their dreaded scandal shows, this time being fined in South Korea for making false statements about the results of its models' shows in their ads.

South Korean authorities imposed a fine of 25.2 million pounds in the South Korean arm of the company and also announced that they would sue five current and former company executives who were part of the scandal shows.

Volkswagen was found guilty of carrying out a criminal act and taking the biggest scandal in the history of the automobile. The company has added software towers in their cars, allowing the car to pass emission tests when the car is on a test, and then switch to deceiving the emission standards prescribed by up to forty times under conditions Actual driving








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