Lanka Sel Limited, a profit of the company

Lanka Sel Limited (LSL) in Hambantota with the new administration under the current government has achieved a net profit of Rs.990 million over two years. The new administration was named in March 2015, when the company was in loss of Rs. 330 million.

The LSL under the previous government in 2014 had an income of Rs.755 million and a net profit of Rs. 73 million. In 2015, according to new revenue the administration increased to Rs.1010 million. This year was a loss of Rs. 170 million due to bad weather affected harvest. This year, the LSL has an income of Rs. Two billion with a net profit of Rs. 990 million.

Previously, sales of LSL were about 1,200 tons and currently, increased from 5,500 to 6,000 tons. The total salt requirement in Sri Lanka is about 120,000 metric tons. The LSL this year produced 106,000 tons and have plans to develop Hambantota brine to produce the remainder needed to meet the complete requirement.








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