Union Assurance is making an exceptional effort to educate the community

Sense continuously sensitive to the communities in which they operate, Union Manushyathwaya, the Union Insurance brand CSR, could pursue its efforts and spread health, wellness and kindness to people all over the island. In 2016 concludes, CSR activities passed several Union Manushyathwaya steps that positively influenced several communities. In 2016, with the support of the Public Health Department of the City of Colombo and the Public Health Inspector, UA could successfully conduct a total of 57 awareness campaigns on dengue, 60 awareness programs and thalassemia 14 Programs for the prevention of diabetes. The AU has launched an awareness campaign on dengue throughout the island, including house-to-house visits, dengue prevention campaigns and the distribution of leaflets campaigning to promote dengue prevention through the country. As a result of these efforts, the 55 dengue prevention programs were carried out simultaneously in a single day, which is a remarkable success. In addition, they conducted campaigns to raise awareness and prevent the spread of diabetes. Rescan sessions were conducted for these programs to diagnose potential patients and were given the necessary advice to control their blood sugar levels and to keep a healthy lifestyle. AU has been able to provide invaluable support to control another serious blood disorder by conducting awareness campaigns and prevention of thalassemia. Increased levels of awareness created by these campaigns have reduced the spread of this disease, which could have caused serious negative impacts for communities. "We are pleased to have achieved a certain level of results through our CSR programs conducted in 2016. However, there is a lot of work to be done to have a significant impact on the company with our Union Manushyathwaya CSR brand. As a result, we are increasingly committed to leading influential CSR initiatives to increase community participation. "Director / CEO of Union Insurance," Dirk Pereira said. "Union Assurance, being a private organization makes an impressive contribution to the community by launching its CSR Union Manushyathwaya brand. I hope that thanks to the Union Manushyathwaya, Union Insurance can do more to help communities across the country, "he said Dr. Ruwan Wijeyamuni, Chief Medical Officer of Health, Colombo City Council Department of Health "Union Insurance has been a partner in the fight against thalassemia for a long time. You can not adequately express the impact of these initiatives. I wish you good luck and hope that they will continue to provide invaluable support in the future of a much greater path, "said Dr. JM Nilam, Child Specialist National Center for Thalassemia








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