N. M K. Charitable Foundation donates Ave Maria Convent for new auditorium

Pursuing their commendable corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiative for the welfare and well-being of the company, Charity Foundation NMK, led by the President of the NMK Group of Companies, Manjula Narayana, made a cash donation for the Construction of new Ave Maria auditorium convent Bolawalana recently. In a revolutionary achievement, Ave Maria Convent won second place in the final of the prestigious Marina 'Star Chef Hunt' competition, the first and only contest of Sri Lanka real estate chefs by Marina Food (Private) Limited, in collaboration with Swarnavahini Television and the Ministry of Education. Under the direction of Manjula Narayana, the NMK Charité Foundation, she came to extend her hand to give a helping hand to the Ave Maria convent and to collaborate in the development of the talents and abilities of their students thanks to the financial support to build a room Of show, need of this school there is key for the girls felt for a long time. Expressing his point of view on this new financial gesture, Narayana says NMK Group, through its CSR initiative, has contributed to a multitude of community service projects that are worth the detour in the last 35 years. It was with the main objective to speed up the process of granting assistance to worthy causes. Charity Foundation N. Mr. K. was created, he said. "I consider it an honor and a privilege to have the opportunity to extend financial assistance for the construction of the new Convent Ave Maria auditorium," said the president. "We introduced the Navy Star Chef Hunt to provide a window of opportunity for students doing home science in schools across the island to develop their innate culinary talents and give them access to national recognition by identifying , By assessing and rewarding their skills and abilities in cooking, "said Narayana." I am excited about the performance of the astute Convent Ave Maria students in this competition, which was a remarkable achievement in winning second place in this competition. Led me to make this financial commitment to the school.The next round of the competition "Star Hunt" Navy will be released soon, "said the president. CSR projects for charity led by Narayana cover financial assistance well for the construction of the hospital "Hadasuwa Medura" a hospital for heart patients in Kurunegala, donation of limbs and artificial wheelchairs for people with disabilities different parts of the country , Freely delivering people's worthy spectacles, rehabilitating irrigation canals and reservoirs, helping families affected by the tsunami and floods, and scholarships for students who deserved to enter college.








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