ACT Seeks Key to Growing Trade Boost

The Association of Freight Containers (ACT, for short), a commercial agency responsible for improving local container transport standards, organized its annual general meeting on 31 asking the competent authorities and ministries that favor the regulations to contribute To the growth of trade.

They have attended many stakeholders, including the Association of Maritime Agents of Ceylon (CASA), the Institute of Chartered Logistics and Transport (CILT) and Sri Lanka Customs. ACT's goal is to be the voice of the industry and to play a key role in the development of the industry in partnership with regulators, line ministries and other offices.

Stakeholders at the meeting said that despite ACT's contribution to the efficient delivery of goods in and out of the nation's ports, the industry is still in the shadow of Sri Lanka's international trade sector. Its objective is to position itself as the first organization representing the interest of the industry while joining hands with all the stakeholders in the development of our nation.

The container transport industry will create employment opportunities for those seeking employment in a dynamic growth sector of our economy. Those who have licenses for light vehicles can join as cleaners (assistants) until they meet the two - year license requirement for light - duty vehicles until they are able to " Obtain licenses for heavy vehicles. Such work in the professional learning opportunities created by our industry is a boost to our economy.

"It is clear that the government needs to see the container of the transport industry because of its importance and to take the appropriate measures to allow the industry to invest more in its development policies, Guest of Honor at the AGM, Minister of Ports and Navigation, Hon. Arjuna Ranatunga. "The government must commit to your vision so that the island is an export control economy and consider available to expand the storage of containerized inland freight infrastructure," said Upali Gunawardane, former president of the ACT.

"Container transport makes an important contribution to the efficient delivery of goods entering and leaving the country."

Last year ACT and its members engaged constructively with policy makers and intend to build on its foundation to ensure that ACT is an important part of the industry. ACT understands the development and improvement of cohesion with regulators and relevant ministries.

"As an industry body, ACT promotes industry to attract new recruits and upgrade their equipment and practices. By creating pride and sense for drivers and value assistants, we plan to maintain Constant flow of new recruits to the industry, "he said Nimal Amarasekara, incoming president who had served the organization for 24 years as a number of them as secretary and vice president. Next, ACT plans to hold talks with the Urban Development Authority (ADU) in order to obtain a common container parking area near Paliyagoda, Orugodawatte and Grandpass. ACT plans also have a dialogue with the police Sri Lankan to discuss traffic congestion and harassment of drivers because of this.

Also should have interviews with container park operators to see how better the industry can serve if you have to provide a 24 hour service with regard to vacuum return in the yard.








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