Printed exports from Sri Lanka Up to 25% to $ 101 Mn-us

Print based on exports from Sri Lanka Up to 25% at $ 101 Mn Us: Rishad
World Packaging honors Sri Lanka, World Packaging Confab debuted in Colombo for the second time yesterday.Industry and Trade Minister Rishad Bathiudeen said the event, the rising trend in per capita consumption and the average cost of FMCGs reports 10-percent sales growth of -15 percent indicates the intensity of packaging development in Sri Lanka.

"I am informed by the Sri Lanka Packaging Development Center in some economic sectors of the packaging industry has recorded an annual growth of 10 percent." The world's industry experts, Am sure you are aware of the good news that the industry that has withstood the entire $ 799 billion in 2012 is expected to grow by 4 percent per year until 2018. in 2009-2013 printing-based Sri exports Lanka increased by a strong 25 percent to $ 101 million.I also like to note even our ministry has increased support for the packaging 2013 and this year we spent over $ 42,000 to help The esta sector ".

Joining the session were Professor GL Peiris (Minister of External Affairs), Tom Schneider (President, Packaging Organization), Kieth Poires (Secretary General World Packaging Organization), Ariana Susanti (Asian Packaging Federation President), Dr NC Saha, Asian Packaging Federation), DC Perera (President, Sri Lanka Institute of Packaging), and D Ratnayake (President, Packaging Development Center), among others.

Industry and Commerce Ministry has also successfully enlisted major research and development institutions: such as SLSI, I IT and Cleaning Center National Production at the Sri Lanka packaging sector.Addressing the event, Tom Schneider, President World Packaging Organization said: "There is a new one in the packaging." Today's packaging is acerca clean water and safer food.It is about effective trade.For the next decades, priority Will provide safe food for global markets .. Packaging and technology behind it has become a strategic tool to maximize Efficient use with a minimal amount of packaging.Sustainability in packaging is more a mere idea. Many technological innovations have been motivated by packaging if ct or r ". Global packaging experts and resource persons from Australia, South Africa, Indonesia, India, Turkey and Sri Lanka presentations.








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