Stars meet in Colombo 07 acre commercial center on new life experience "ACHILLEION"

Start a project to build a luxury housing complex so that future compliance with the Ministry of Municipal and demand caused by the Western Development Zone Business has been named to Colombo last Friday (19) was carried out. The first 07 star class luxury living, providing for the construction of an apartment complex built ACHILLEION Municipal Development Minister Ranawaka and Western patronage, inaugurated the participation diplomats and VIP.



Computers and digital literacy improvement achieved rapid disposal measures in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka's literacy development and improve the digital camera that he is ready to give advice and support to improve faster, Microsoft Chairman Philip Shane karṭōs (Jean Philippe Courtois) said.



ALIBABA world famous company, expressed interest in investing in Sri Lanka

Low support for obtaining goods and services by well-known Chinese Internet company ALIBABA Ltd. (Alibaba), expressed interest to invest in Sri Lanka.

Its founder and current Chairman Jack Ma (Jack Ma) and Finance Minister Ravi Karunanayake and recently (18) This was revealed at a discussion held. Svīṭsarlantayē Davao city in 2017 during the World Economic Forum meeting took place.



Energy stock rices down

(26) when the stock market was down over mid 40's all share price index.

The track can be a special situation was subject down the price of shares in several companies of Power and Energy category.


Airline travel schedule changed

Bandaranaike International Airport runway step down for maintenance

Airlines will also be used to inform their customers, changes in the operations of the airline and the flight schedules due to the company's ongoing maintenance over a period of three months at the Bandaranaike International Airport in Colombo flights. On April 6 from 6 January 2017 to 0830 is expected to be maintained daily hours from 1630 hours. The airline company for the convenience of its passengers have been submitted to the new schedule.


BASF factory opens in Sri Lanka

The world's leading company engaged in the production of chemicals for the construction industry, BASF, was opened recently its new factory in Sri Lanka. Germany-based BASF first time this year, will thus start work at a factory in Sri Lanka. Earlier, India, South Asia, BASF has taken steps to Pakistan and Bangladesh in their factories.


Radiant Eye Hospital is presented to the world through its website

Radiant Eye Hospital officially launched its unique web radianteye.lk Thursday, June 2, 2016. The launch site was experienced by health professionals, stakeholders and members of the media.Leading the team is the founder of the Dr. Shamintha Amaratunga, a surgeon who has built a reputation for excellence in the field of eye care. Dr. Amaratunga has more than 120,000 surgeries to his name


DREAMS Dream Centre launched by Technomedics

Technomedics, a leading solutions provider in key hand in the health care industry has invested in its center a first type of information in Sri Lanka sleep, sleep DREAMS Center at No. 1083, Pannipitiya Road, Battaramulla in alliance with the technical expertise of australia ResMed (www.resmed.com), the world leader in sleep past 25 years.