Vitawell launches the first specialty store Sri Lanka nutraceutical

Vitawell, first nutraceutical company specializing in Sri Lanka, founded to serve the growing market for nutraceuticals specialists Sri Lanka, opened at a function held at the flagship store in Liberty Arcade Vitawell recently.

The store is the first time for Sri Lanka, as it brings in one place a group of world leaders in the nutraceutical brands, which are represented by Vitawell, as the exclusive distributor for Sri Lanka. The store is the first to engage in specialized nutraceutical, focusing on vitamins, specialty supplements, sports nutrition, food and essential items super well-being.

Vitawell offers a range of vitamins and supplements for the whole family, with targeted vitamins for children, teens, men, women and over 50 years; a range of omega oils from fish oils, krill triple strength and squid oil, red salmon oils, high-DHA formula advanced learning for children. The store also offers unique formulations such as the letter of anti-stress vitamins multivitamins daily nutritional packages, multivitamins beauty multivitamin whole food - only derived from fruits and vegetables - pre and probiotics, unique antioxidant support formula established, amino acids and minerals. The hotel also offers a range of all natural supplements, targeted specialty heart, eyes, vein, liver, prostate health, nutrition for diabetics, hair, skin and nails, the biotic organic formulas and menopause and PMS.

Vitawell introduced to Sri Lanka for the first time a series of gummy vitamins for the No. 1 brand and reputation in the world of Australia, "Smart Kids" that includes omega fatty acids for the compositions of children, multivitamins, the 'support immunity and demanding with food. It also offers a range of gummy vitamins for adults.











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