Radiant Eye Hospital is presented to the world through its website

Radiant Eye Hospital officially launched its unique web Thursday, June 2, 2016. The launch site was experienced by health professionals, stakeholders and members of the media.

Leading the team is the founder of the Dr. Shamintha Amaratunga, a surgeon who has built a reputation for excellence in the field of eye care. Dr. Amaratunga has more than 120,000 surgeries to his name. It is recognized by the educational programs that practice free cataract surgery for the needy. To mark the occasion Dr. Amaratunga and his team conducted a comprehensive eye camp 25 cataract operations free of charge on the day of release.

Where compliance with the responsibilities of an eye care center in the use of best methods for improving the vision of a patient, radiant eye look beyond. Its purpose is to enrich the lives of patients through excellent patient care, motivation and guidance. beaming eyes efforts to bring "visible change" in the lives of patients, including those whose vision can not be restored. The hospital is a unique facility for all things related to the eyes in all its subspecialties. With friendly service at its base that serves humanity with a passion.

By examining the facilities, it is clear that the comfort and convenience of his patients went to the heart when the plans were presented. Creating a warm and relaxing atmosphere, while hotels and loan design language stations, is a "visible change" for the typical hospital. The absence of unsightly signage is something unique here. Leaving the bustle of the city, the hospital is between Negombo and Colombo Dandugama next to the main road and near the highway. It is equipped with ample parking. The vegetation and the soft color palette of the hospital is a place of welcome those who come to the hospital from the confines of this island and abroad.

Radiant Eye Hospital State origin of advanced technology, some of which are available there. These include the last Electro IOLMaster and physiological studies ERG. Modular Operating Theatre is another masterpiece of engineering machinery, maintaining proper air pressure, the filtration system airflow copper Lamina without antibacterial sewing materials for walls and epoxy floor. Radiant eye maintains high standards of infection control, often overlooked in the health sectors of developing countries. strict protocols for infection control, based on AAMI (Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation) and manual control infection Sri Lanka College of Microbiologists under the continuous supervision of a Senior Consultant Microbiologist established .

Laying simplicity bases, the site was developed to be a pleasure to use. Under the direction of Dr. Shamintha Amaratunga all the technical jargon has been simplified to be understood by everyone. While following the last movements of international site design site that looks rather modest has much to offer. It can also be used as a platform to educate and inform the public.

Dr. Amaratunga hopes to develop the radiant eyes as an educational center for professionals and patients. "Right now, we are focusing on a holistic approach to eye care that can access different income groups," he said. The launch was also attended by patients who shared stories about the recovery of vision after more than 15 years and those who have rebuilt their lives with the support of Dr. Amaratunga in the management of visual impairment - a reaffirmation of the concept of specialized eye care developed by Dr. Amaratunga and his team.











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