DREAMS Dream Centre launched by Technomedics

Technomedics, a leading solutions provider in key hand in the health care industry has invested in its center a first type of information in Sri Lanka sleep, sleep DREAMS Center at No. 1083, Pannipitiya Road, Battaramulla in alliance with the technical expertise of australia ResMed (, the world leader in sleep past 25 years.

The launch was ritually decorated by the Honourable Finance Minister Ravi Karunanayake as guest conductor and ceremony, it was also held under the patronage of the leading physicians of the breast, ENT, sleep technologists and other professionals health.

The DREAMS Sleep Center focuses on providing people with sleep related, with the opportunity to receive training in sleep disorders, the direction in the process of diagnosis and treatment. The center will study the sleeping house as a first level detection approach for diagnosing sleep apnea. In addition, the center will facilitate sleep research data and analysis of data on sleep and future improvements in the doctor's recommendations.

Statistics show about 15% of the population of Sri Lanka is the breathing of sleep disordered (SDB). One of the main types of SDB is obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), where snoring is an important symptom. adults About 1 5 are mild OSA and 1 to 15 with moderate to severe OSA. Due to lack of over 95% awareness are undiagnosed.

The atmosphere in the sleep center DREAMS give a feeling of walking into your own home and family friendly environment offers focused exclusively on providing patients with sleep disorders.

As the sleep center DREAMS patients seeking a solution to sleep insufficiency are met, Technomedics continues to stamp its benchmark in the face angle to revolutionize the medical and health in Sri Lanka, while maintaining standards of service.

The dream DREAMS information center, which will be the first time in Sri Lanka, it will also include the launch of two new products; ResMed CPAP and BiPAP devices and the oxygen concentrator DeVilbiss.

CPAP and BiPAP machines are devices that are designed in order to provide the patient a therapeutic approach for sleep. Made in the USA, the DeVilbiss oxygen concentrator helps patients achieve adequate levels of oxygen to breathe, to concentrate oxygen from the air in the room next to his bed This eliminates the hassle of bulky oxygen cylinders and avoids filling. The laptop model allows patients to oxygen depends on the freedom of movement and participate in daily life activities, even approved to carry on board aircraft in trips abroad.

This event coincides with the 20th anniversary of Technomedics. The company has achieved many feats to allow the healthcare market in Sri Lanka and offers the widest range of products which includes services such as lush skin clinics. The company has established five service centers in Colombo, Jaffna, Batticaloa, Kandy and Galle 24/7 dedicated customer service











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